Sterling silver jewelry are commonly stamped 925, meaning 92.5% silver and the rest 7.5% other metal alloys.
Silver-plated is base metal coated with a sheet of silver and not as precious.

Sterling silver jewelry can tarnish if not worn often, particularly if it is kept in a humid place. There are several ways to care for
your silver jewelry.

1)  Keep your jewelry in a jewelry box lined with an anti-tarnish cloth.  

2)  Ziploc bags are a great way for keeping jewelry in and keeping moisture away.

3)  Keep the jewelry away from where there is a greater level of moisture eg. the bathroom

1) Best home remedy lies in just two ingredients - dry baking soda and dry paper towel. Sprinkle some baking soda on a dry paper towel and
wipe your jewelry over.

2) Here is another home remedy that works at cleaning chains. You need a glass or ceramic dish to hold 2 cups of hot water. Line the dish
with a sheet of aluminium foil. Add a tsp of salt and a tsp of borax (ingredient in detergent powder). Put your chain in the solution to soak for 5
minutes, then rinse with water, and dry thoroughly.

3) Brands like Connoisseurs or Hagerty carry silver polish cloth that you can use to clean your jewelry with.

4) Bring your jewelry to Silver Assets for polishing on the wheel.